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The MX Survival Panel is a lightweight, bulletproof insert for backpacks/large purses that provides Level Nij IIIA armor panel protection. This panel protects against firearms and stabbing or striking. Simple place bag in front of your body or wear backpack on your chest for protection shield. Its ideal for uncertain times, and provides an extra layer of security for anyone. From college campuses, school to public transportation, running errands or any other situation, this insert gives you peace of mind knowing you're better prepared for uncertain moments.


Product Name:Bulletproof Soft Armor Panel
Protection Level:NIJ IIIA 9mm & 44 Magnum
Weight:1.1 lbs
Package Weight:2.3 lbs

MX Survival Bulletproof Insert

SKU: MX001
PriceFrom $159.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) was formed in 1968 as part of a wider network of federal institutes aimed at addressing the rising crime rate in the U.S. at the time.

    NIJ research supports equipment performance standards and carries out compliance testing, and then ranks equipment protection levels for bullet resistant products. 


    Good all-round for concealable, lightweight protection

    Level IIIA is the most common protection level you'll see when browsing for soft body armor.

    Found in everything from bulletproof vests to bulletproof backpacks to inserts meant for use in conjunction with hard armor plates, IIIA is a bit heavier than Level IIA or II but still largely concealable.


    9 mm rounds traveling at speeds of up to 1400 ft./s.

    .44 magnum rounds

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